Why You Should Consult a Family Practice Physician for Your Health Needs

Why You Should Consult a Family Practice Physician for Your Health Needs.

Family doctors are your first line of defense when battling everyday health concerns. Whether you have a cold or want to improve your heart health, family practice physicians treat various conditions with a personalized approach. If you don’t have a family doctor already, we recommend finding one as soon as possible to always be one step ahead of your health.

To counter these issues, people living with type 1 diabetes generally require insulin injections to lower the body’s glucose levels. While those with type 2 diabetes may eventually need these, their treatment is different. It relates more to making healthy lifestyle changes to lower glucose.


What Are The 3 Major Types of Care?

The type of medical care you need in a given situation depends on the severity level of your condition. Keep reading to learn about the three levels of care and how to choose which one will address your needs best.

1. Primary Care

Primary care services are what your family physician provides to help you maintain everyday health goals. Services rendered include treatments for conditions like asthma, arthritis, viral infections, and other acute and short-term chronic health problems. Unless you’re facing a life-threatening health emergency, the first place you should visit is your primary care doctor’s office. The good news is that if you end up needing emergency care, your primary care doctor will let you know.

2. Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities treat conditions that are too serious for primary care but not serious enough for emergency care. These conditions include things like sprains, broken bones, and serious allergic reactions. If you need more than primary care services but don’t need to go to an emergency room, urgent care is your best bet.

3. Emergency Care

Emergency care encompasses medical services that treat life-threatening conditions—such as a stroke, heart attack, seizure, or head injury. In the case that you or a loved one suffers from a serious injury or condition, don’t waste time going to your family physician or urgent care. Call 9-1-1, or head straight to the nearest emergency facility.


3 Benefits of Consulting a Family Doctor

According to the CDC, hospitals only admit 12.4% of people who come into the emergency room needing care. What does this number mean? The overwhelming majority of the people who seek out emergency care first don’t actually need emergency care. Unless you find yourself in a true health emergency, you’re much better off going to an urgent care facility or visiting your family physician from the beginning. Doing so will save you time and money.

Check out this comprehensive list of reasons why you should consult a family doctor before seeking out more serious treatment options.

1. Personalized Care

When you visit an urgent care facility or emergency room, it’s difficult to receive the personalized care you need due to a general influx of patients. Especially in the world today, many hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of patients they receive daily.

When you visit a family practice, however, you’re able to sit down one-on-one with a primary care doctor who can provide the customized care needed to get you back to optimal health. If you’ve been seeing the same family doctor for a while now, they’ll have all your medical records which will help them make informed decisions based on your medical history. This factor also helps them treat you holistically, rather than only treat one specific condition.

2. Cheaper Care

We’ve all heard horror stories about people visiting urgent care and emergency facilities for care and leaving with a medical bill worth thousands of dollars—all for one visit. Because different insurance companies define an “emergency” in different ways, you could end up paying money out-of-pocket depending on your insurance provider. Unless you truly need emergency care, there’s no reason to spend exorbitant amounts of money for something that a family physician can treat just as well—maybe even better.

3. Save Time

When you go to an emergency room, you might have to wait up hours before getting treated. Rather than waiting around to get the care you need, visit your family doctor for a speedier process. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time at your family care practice and get right in once you arrive. By making your primary care doctor your first point of contact, you also save people with true medical emergencies time so they can receive the emergency care they need.

Visit the Primary Care Doctors at Velda Rose Medical Center

If you’re looking for a family physician in the Mesa, AZ, area, come see the medical experts at Velda Rose Medical Center. Our primary care doctors implement cutting-edge technology to prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of common illnesses. We’ll help you take charge of your healthcare journey. Give us a call at (480) 396-3222 with any questions.

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