Velda Rose Medical Center Accepted Health Insurance Plans

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We partner with several healthcare providers to ensure you receive personalized and preventative care.

Do I Need Health Insurance?

Arizona follows federal law, the Affordable Care Act, which requires residents to have a minimum level of health insurance coverage. If you’re without health insurance, many people find the health insurance marketplace to be a convenient source to find affordable insurance. This site has a variety of carriers that offer products, including individual and family health insurance, dental and vision insurance, short-term coverage, and much more. 

What If I Can’t Afford Health Insurance?

If you’re an Arizona resident who can’t afford health insurance, you can apply for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). This statewide medical program offers resources to residents who meet certain income requirements. Keep in mind that rules have recently changed for individual and family healthcare qualifications. Currently, nine out of 10 Arizonans qualify for financial help. 

If eligible, you may qualify for a $0 premium or low-cost services. AHCCCS health options work with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and specialists to provide personalized care. The process is fairly simple, and you maintain the ability to choose a primary care physician who accepts your specific medical insurance.

Providers Accepted By Velda Rose Medical Center 

Velda Rose Medical Center accepts most major Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and AHCCCS healthcare plans. Contact our office at 480-396-3222 to discuss insurance healthcare plan details . Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have. 

Does Velda Rose Medical Center Accept PPO, HMO, & Medicare?

Velda Rose Medical Center participates in a number of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and government plans, including traditional Medicare and Arizona Medicaid. 

About Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. They combine Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage plans may also include extra benefits, such as vision and dental care, prescription drug coverage, and hearing aids, and exams.

Velda Rose Medical Center Is Your Primary Care Solution

If you don’t know what services your health insurance covers or need to confirm that your health insurance plan is accepted at our clinic, contact us today. Our expert staff provides essential information and high-quality care that stands out from the rest. Velda Rose Medical Center’s signature “treat now” approach is centered on providing preventative treatment options to you and your loved ones. Book an appointment with one of our experienced physicians or call our office to speak with a healthcare professional.


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