Should You Get an Annual Wellness Exam? Yes, Here’s Why:

Should You Get an Annual Wellness Exam? Yes, Here’s Why:   You Need To Establish a Relationship With Your Physician  When you choose a primary care doctor, you rely on that healthcare professional’s ability to address your concerns and maintain your overall wellness. Though you’ll probably see your doctor a few times each year, it’s important to discuss aspects of

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Velda Rose Medical Center Accepted Health Insurance Plans

We partner with several healthcare providers to ensure you receive personalized and preventative care. Do I Need Health Insurance? Arizona follows federal law, the Affordable Care Act, which requires residents to have a minimum level of health insurance coverage. If you’re without health insurance, many people find the health insurance marketplace to be a convenient source to find affordable insurance.

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Need to Schedule Your Annual Physical? Consider Telemedicine

The severity of Covid-19 prevented Americans from getting yearly physicals, and despite mandatory safety precautions remaining in medical facilities, people are hesitant to visit their doctors. As an alternative, physicians, hospitals, and urgent care centers extend their services to include telemedicine.    What is Telemedicine? This form of healthcare includes a range of clinical services provided via telecommunications technology.  

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3 Tips for Finding a Family Physician

Simplify check-ups and other healthcare visits for your family. Have everyone see one general practitioner! But for your family, just any family physician in East Mesa, Arizona won’t do. See our three pieces of advice for finding the right fit for your loved ones. Break Ask For Referrals Lucky for you, the best general practitioners are usually those that your

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