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Serving Mesa, Arizona for 50 Years

Velda Rose Medical Center (VRMC) is a primary care, internal medicine, and family medicine practice located in Mesa, Arizona. VRMC has been a leading member of the East Valley health care community for over 50 years.

Additionally, our president and owner, Mark D Goldberg, MD serves as senior vice president and Board Member for one of the most powerful and successful physician-led organizations in the United States, Commonwealth Primary Care ACO. This organization focuses on improving quality of care, early disease identification, preventing hospitalization/re-hospitalization and ER visits. This is accomplished by utilizing advanced imaging, specialized blood testing, and genetic screening, in addition to numerous preventative protocols, all of which are implemented right here at Velda Rose Medical Center.

We are passionate about preventing disease NOW, so that catastrophic medical events can be avoided in the future. This passion not only helps saves lives, utilizing this diagnosis and treat NOW approach, but reduces our nation’s health care spend, as well. A true win-win for our patients and the system.

Utilizing our treat NOW approach, we are proud to say that at Velda Rose Medical Center, our statistics surrounding heart attack and stroke rates are significantly lower than the Arizona average. To learn more about our Dr. Mark Goldberg, Dr. Michael Demko, Dr. David Izenberg, Dr. Uma Gopakumar, and our other professionals, see our providers page. 

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